Marco Polo described Yazd as a bride of the desert, The Old city of Yazd it is a good and noble city and one of the best places to visit while traveling in Iran. Because of generations of adaptations to its desert surroundings, Yazd is an architecturally unique city. It is also known in Iran for the high quality of its handicrafts, especially silk weaving, and its confectionery.
The old city of Yazd
The Old city of Yazd, with its badgirs (windtowers or wind catchers) poking out of a baked-brown labyrinth of lanes, the old city of Yazd emerges like a phoenix from the desert – a very old phoenix. Yazd’s old city is one of the oldest towns on earth, according to Unesco, and is the perfect place to get a feel for the region’s rich history. Just about everything in the old city is made from sun-dried mud bricks, and the resulting brown skyline is dominated by tall badgirs on almost every rooftop.
The residential quarters in the old city of Yazd appear almost deserted because of the high walls, which shield the houses from the narrow and labyrinthine kuches (lanes) crisscrossing the town.
While walking through the maze lines of the old city of Yazd you’ll doubtless discover simple courtyards, ornate wooden doors and some lovely adobe architecture. In the meantime you’ll be discovered by countless children who will help lead you out of the maze when you are ready. Be sure to get yourself to the rooftops at some point for fine views over Yazd and into the vast brown expanses of the desert.